List of Topics

1. Portuguese Linguistics

Variations of the Portuguese language
First- and second-language acquisition
Language structures
The Portuguese language in contact

2. Didactics of Portuguese Language

Issues on Portuguese diversity in the teaching of its grammars.
L1 Portuguese teaching.
L2 Portuguese teaching in Portuguese-speaking countries and L2 Portuguese teaching in other countries.
Guidance documents.
ICT for language and Lusophone relations.

3. Literature(s) in Portuguese expression

Identity and literary consciousness
Colonialism and national assertion
Poetics, aesthetics and literary semiotics
Postcolonial studies

4. Education and training in Lusophone world

Education policies and curricula
Teacher training and educational practices
Education for global citizenship
Environmental education
Education for health

5. Arts of expression, multidisciplinary artistic language

Text and image: bridges between peoples
Forms, spaces, words, sounds and silences: artistic expression techniques
Non-verbal languages: communication in different artistic expressions

6. History/(ies), Memory/(ies) and Identity/(ies)

Territories, area representations and borders
Power structures and political culture
Population structures and migratory movements
Productive structure, markets and exchanges
Cultural scenarios and artistic heritage
Historiography and memory

7. Unit(s), Diversity/(ies) and Identity/(ies)

Local cultures and relocated cultures
Multiculturalism and interculturalities
Reclusions, exclusions and inclusions
Activism, citizenship and democracy
Discourses and practices
Groups and organizations

8. International Relations, Political Sciences and Administration

Economics, globalization and internationalisation
Democracy, geopolitics and international security
Cooperation and development
Administration, entrepreneurship and public policies
Marketing and strategy
Human resource management
Accounting and finance

9. Agriculture, Tourism, Enviroment and Health

Biodiversity in lusophone world
Agriculture, livestock and forests
Destinations, products and tourism competitiveness
Tourism and business development
Environment and sustainable development
Health and well-being