Call for Papers

The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB), through its Escola Superior de Educação, announces the V International Meeting of Portuguese Language and Lusophone Relations (LUSOCONF2023), which will take place at the Escola Superior de Educação do IPB, in Bragança, on the 12th 13th of October, 2023.

The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, in partnership with the Bragança City Council, once again opens its doors to the academic community from different scientific areas and latitudes, through the 4th edition of this international event, the IV International Meeting of the Portuguese Language and Lusophone Relations (LUSOCONF2023).

Continuing the purposes of the previous editions, LUSOCONF2023 will seek to be a dynamic and interventional debate meeting, in which different thematic areas intersect, in search of new answers to the problems of Portuguese Language and Lusophone Relations, always aiming to stimulate a multidisciplinary academic debate, anchored in dialogue and in the valorization of contributions from different areas of knowledge related to the Portuguese Language and Lusophone Relations.

The group of invited speakers assures LUSOCONF2023 a diversity of contributions for multiple reflections on the challenging concerns that the Lusophone universe finds today in an increasingly complex and unstable world, which confronts us with essential questions about values, objectives and the meaning of human action, imposing a joint search for problem solving and for the cooperative elaboration of strategies to address the dilemmas faced by the Portuguese-speaking world.

The holistic conception of the Lusophone world and its challenges allows us to present LUSOCONF as an Encounter designed for sharing and creation, so we launched a Call for arts again, favoring the dissemination and editing of artistic works about the Lusophone world. (for more information see Call for arts).

This Meeting, due to the high quality of its participants and the relevance of the topics that will be addressed, will certainly be an event of new ideas, which will allow us to face the challenges of the Portuguese Language and Lusophone Relations, in an increasingly globalized world.

Portuguese language researchers and those who focus on problems related to its teaching, as well as all those who are dedicated to areas of relevance within the scope of Lusophone relations, such as: education, culture, literature, arts, history, geography, politics , law, economics, management, marketing, accounting, agriculture, tourism, environment, health and sustainable development, are invited to submit reflection and research works to LUSOCONF2023. Articles must be sent by may 10, 2023 (see submission rules). For more information about LUSOCONF2023, visit the Meeting's website or contact the organization via email at

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