Call for Arts

Acknowledging the multiple artistic expressions of the Portuguese language and the Lusophone world, we invite artists to submit works of art to be presented at LUSOCONF2023 and to be featured in our published book of selected works from the conference.

LUSOCONF2023 accepts original pieces, by one or more authors, from a variety of artistic media and supports (painting, drawing, installation, poetry, music, animation, short films, among others) that fit the thematic areas of LUSOCONF2023. For logistic reasons, the pieces must follow the following measurement limits:

     - three two-dimensional pieces of art (maximum size of each artwork A2 – 42 x 59,4 cm);

     - three poetic texts (maximum of 2,500 characters, including spaces);

     - one three-dimensional piece of art (maximum size of 80 x 80 x 80 cm);

     - one work requiring audio/audiovisual support (music/animation/short-film/other), with a maximum length of 20 minutes;

     - one proposal of a live performance, with a maximum length of 20 minutes.

        [They shall be carried out in accordance with the health conditions in force at the time]

Each author can submit a maximum of three works.

The submission of artworks or artistic works has three stages: 

1 – Submission of a paper (descriptive document) of the work, one brief CV and one PDF file containing the photographs of the artworks/musical score/still frame/etc. This paper will be published in the conference book of papers, so authors should comply with the guidelines for paper submission. In the case of audiovisual works, a video URL must be included in the paper, the video having been uploaded to a public video platform, such as Youtube, Vimeo or similar. In the case of live performances, an audiovisual version of the performance must be sent to the LUSOCONF2023 scientific committee. In the case of poetic texts, authors must upload the texts in both PDF and Word formats to the EasyChair page of the Conference

2 – Review by the scientific committee and notification of acceptance. 

3 – Shipment of artistic works.

These four stages must be in line with the following dates:

1- Submission of the paper and CV – until the 30 of June, 2023, by midnight (NEW  DEADLINE)

2- Notification of acceptance – until the 23 of July, 2023, by midnight 

3- Submission of final paper – until the 28 of July, 2022, by midnight 

4- Shipment of the artistic works – until the 28 of July, by midnight

The organising committee of LUSOCONF2023 ensure the integrity of the works and their correct presentation, not being responsible for damages resulting from transportation or presentation. The works must be in condition to be presented (in case of audiovisual works in digital format, the file must be in a reproducible format), reserving the organisation the right to refuse works that do not correspond to what was submitted or are not in condition to be presented.

The return of the works will be done in the same way as their delivery (the participant will be responsible for the transportation costs). If the works are not collected within four months after the end of the conference, they will be given to social solidarity institutions. 

Access to the Submission page:
Direct Submission link:
Paper registration deadline:     september, 02, 2023

Only papers proposals submitted through easyChair will be accepted. If you have questions regarding the registration and submission process on easyChair, we recommend that you download the following step-by-step tutorial.